available material

To meet ever-changing demand of our customer, we provide a wide variety of material option to facilitate product customization and personalization. Each of the materials are unique in its own way and carry different characteristic, therefore customer are advised to consult our designer before making up their mind. The list below are not exhaustive and customer are more than welcome to visit our showroom and consult our designer.


As our commitment towards the quality of our products, no particle board (chipboard) will be used on all of our products, even for internal. Customer are rest assured that our products are reliable for everyday usage and long lasting. We provide one to one exchange at no cost if particle board were found in any of our product.

Constructible material

  • Solid Wood  **Click to learn more about our option.
  • Plywood (waterproof)
  • MDF Board

Artificial surfacing material

  • Recon / Natural Veneer
  • Decorative laminates
  • Solid Surface
  • Glass and mirror
  • Aluminium framed

Upholstery material

  • Imported high grade fabric (Acacia / Barrow Industries / Cassius)
  • PVC leather

Product Furnishing

  • Natural lacquer (matte type) *For Solid Wood products only
  • Colored lacquer (matte type), color staining option available on request.
  • Colored spray paint (matte type) *For MDF Board products only

Furniture and architecture accessories

  • Imported high quality accessories (HAFELE / Hettich)