About US

Established since 1980’s, our company first started out as a micro-sized built to order solid wood furniture maker in Kiansom village with only one carpenter, which is the company founder himself. Our founder has made countless piece of solid furniture with his own hand along with the help of little tools, through his years of experience in wood working, he decided to expand the business by hiring workers and acquired some machine to support the expansion. With many years of hard work and expansion, we are now operating as a small scale wood working with own factory housing more than 20 worker, along with sophisticated machine at our disposal. 

As the economic changes took place, our company changed its direction of business from a sole furniture manufacturer, to a general wood working company in order to diversify our product range and to stay competitive. We are now capable in handling both built to order residential and commercial renovation project, as well as general furniture custom manufacturing. Despite the changes, we remained our expertise in solid wood works as the founder believe that only solid piece of wooden furniture are able to provide the most valuable user experience, the solidity feel and the reliability of solid furniture is unrivalled.

With more than 20 years of experience in dealing with solid wood products, we leverage on our expertise by providing wider range of products and services to our valued customer, including timber flooring, stairway, doors and general indoor renovation using solid wood. In addition, we also provide lower cost alternative to our customer who are on limited budget by using plywood and MDF Board as the main material with the same level of workmanship as compared to solid wood.